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We want to clearly state up front that we do not own any characters, situations or ideas from any television-oriented, movie-oriented or book-oriented 'universes.'

We have no interest in making claim to properties that are not our own and receive no money for anything shared inside. This site is purely here for entertainment purposes.

Content Warning:

This site contains numerous fanfics (fan-written fiction) that are slash and femslash--stories which relate to a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two males or two females.

It also contains het (heterosexual), gen (general work that would be in keeping with the original source), adult (mature subject matter--i.e. discussion of drug use) and combo (combination of more than one type--i.e. het and slash) works.

This is an 'all-rating' website--which means that some content contains graphic sex and/or violence (and is unsuitable for younger audiences).

Caution should be taken when exploring this site--any warnings should be noted and taken into account before you read our fics.

We strongly advise you to only read what you are personally comfortable with. We are not responsible for visitors who fail to read warnings. We are not responsible for any discomfort (squicking) you might feel as a result of sharing the fanfic posted here.

The content here is meant for a mature audience capable of making consentual decisions.

For more information regarding the terms used here, be sure to read Fandom Definitions.

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